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March 24th, 2006


So yeah I have an hour break between my classes today adn I'm soooo hoping that Humanities will be cancelled today like it was on Friday...

So tonight is drive up to Seattle night! Woot I get off work at 7 we'll probably leave at 7:30 maybe 8 so that means I have to tape Las Vegas :( then we'll get to the place about 10 ish 11 ish cuz it's not right in the middle of Seattle but it's close I guess and then tomorrow Chirs does his bottle rocket we watch it and I go and get a Starbucks in Seattle and go shopping and then we come home later that night so we're staying tonight and some of tomorrow and then I have to work Sunday...

Here's my work Sceduale this week:
Sunday- 12:30am-4:00pm
Monday- OFF
Tuesday- OFF
Wednesday- OFF
Thursday- OFF
Friday- OFF
Saturday- 9:30am-1:30pm

Sigh I'm almost debating on whether I should go to math I hate it we dont do anything... I'm really ready for school to be over with so I can focus on next year...


March 20th, 2006


So it turns out this Saturday my brother is suppose to go to some science competition in Seattle sooooo after work on Friday night my mom brother and I are driving up to Seattle for Friday night and all day Saturday so wooot.

So I find out today what kind of meds I need to take for my thyroid problemo, they still havn't called mi madre, so hopeful soon.

I work tonight but the good thing about it is that the lady who doens't like me is on vacation all week long so she's NOT there!

So yeah this really was a pointless entry as they all are I'm out!


March 9th, 2006

Can we say holy crap it freaking snowed like a mother, so I went out and took some picture this was at about 1 o'clock it has since then melted completely, buuuttt it looks like it's gonna snow again right now.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow....Collapse )

March 7th, 2006

Woot For Me!!!

So I've done a lot of things today especially for getting up at 11 am. I made a cake for my mom, went outside and cleaned my car out which took about an hour and it was kinda rainy but I got it done, then I went in and did two loads of landry and did all the dishes, and now i'm cleaning my room which I'll probably finish tomorrow.

So I'm loving Spring Break it's nice to be off from school and work...

So yeah I'm off to finish my room and start packing for this weekend Woot!!!


March 1st, 2006

So today is Ash Wednesday and guess what happened 5 years ago lol that earthquake that hit up in Seatlle, I remember this so well because I was in church when it happened and we thought it was the 7th graders kicking our seats and then this one girl yells out God is speaking to us...lol crazy times and 5 years ago yesterday was the first black and blue concert of the backstreet boys here and I was there and then I woke up and was forced to go to school the next day while my friend steph slept in...

lol so anyways back to Lent I can't eat meat on Fridays so if anyone sees me eat meat hit me or something lol

February 28th, 2006


So today is Fat Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday which starts lent, and this year I've decided to give up sweets and being lazy, I wanted to give up my brother, but yet again my mom wouldn't let me, I've tried that one for like 7 years now, and she still wont let me... sigh...

So tomorrow is my dog's birthday and then on Monday is my Mom's which I need to go shopping for her this weekend, and then 2 days after that is my cousin Olivia's and then 14 days after that is my cousin Kelsey's birthday. March is a big birthday month for the family so is October which rocks...

So yeah Sprig Break is next week and I only have a total of 2 finals one in intro to theatre which is an open book and open notes test woot, and then one in humanities which he already gave us the exact questions that are on the test now he rolls a dice and whatever number comes up first that the question he puts on the test so yeah not going to be very hard at all...

and then next weekend is Corvallis which rocks but I need to talk to Kristen we've been online at different times and my phones had been acting up so I'm getting texts messages like 2 days later... wtf? right? so yeah

and that's about it for now...


February 24th, 2006


So it's 9:30am and I'm sitting in the computer lab waiting for my 11 o'clcock class. Today has already gotten off to a bad start let me list the reasons why:

1. Well this is from last night, my mom got pissed off cuz I dont do house work, and I'm like wtf sorry if I dont feel like cleaning on my day off, get Chris the one who does NOTHING to do it.
2. I woke up an hour early and couldn't get back to sleep
3. Hit my toe on my bed it hurts like a mother
4. My car was frozen over so it's took 10 minutes to get it deiced.
5. Traffic, traffic, traffic
6. Getting to Educational Psychology and finding out that the midterm is this week instead of next week.
7. Doing okay on the midterm, still not knowing a lot of things.
8. I have to work tonight from 4-8 with the lady who hates me.

SO yeah that's pretty much it for right now, the only plus so far of today is that I'm out of Ed Psych early...


February 18th, 2006


I'm trying to clean out my AOL favorites and I came across some of my journals K-10 you know them lol and I have to say we had the funniest conversations in the comments lmao one was about marrying an old man lmao and me going to paris when I was 7

lol good times

February 12th, 2006

(no subject)

Me = Excited because I have March 10-12th off for sure so I can go down and see Kristen!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's all for now....

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