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I've Got My Sights Set On You...

And I'm Ready To Aim...

♥. Stephanie Ann .♥
3 October 1986

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User Number: 1367356
Date Created:2003-10-03
Number of Posts: 202

Name: Stephanie Ann Hatley Birthday: 10-03-1986 Age:19 Resides: Vancouver, WA Status: Single
Strengths: My biggest strength is my golf game, I've been playing since I was 6, so yeah. And I've been told a time or too that I'm funny and can be a smartass lol...
Weaknesses: Shopping when I dont have any money, adn I tend to procrastinate homework but doesn't everyone?
Special Skills: Hmm I can recite the alphabet backwards I dont know how special that is, hmm i dont think I have any...
Weapons: My karate skills yo, ha not!
Loves: Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, Golf, Josh Duhamel, Topher Grace, Las Vegas, Disney, Disneyland, and a bunch of other stuff...

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